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Installation & Repair Services

Our Installation & Repair Services

With high, medium, and low voltage capabilities including transformer assembly, relay retrofits, and circuit breaker rebuilds and refurbs, EPS has the capability to handle just about anything on your electrical system.

High Voltage Equipment

As part of our turnkey service offerings, EPS has a technical staff capable of installing or repairing most high voltage electrical equipment. Whether the project is a 345kV circuit breaker, a protective relay, or an oil filled transformer, we have the expertise to get it done.

Medium Voltage Equipment

Working with medium voltage electrical components requires a solid safety program, extensive technical knowledge, and a methodical working approach. At EPS, we understand the unique requirements associated with working on medium voltage components, and we’re capable of handling all of your needs.

Low Voltage Equipment

EPS has a wide range of capabilities to help with your electrical distribution systems. We have the ability to maintain your equipment, as well as perform repairs, refurbishments, or replacements. Our full complement of LV equipment services allows us to be your one-stop shop.

Transformer Installs & Refurbishments

The most expensive component of an electrical distribution system is the power transformer. EPS is a trusted name in the industry and performs work for transformer OEMs and other clients across the country every day. With our wide range of capabilities and resources, you can rely on EPS for a stress-free turnkey service.

Protection & Control / Relay Installs & Retrofits

One of the most critical pieces of the electrical distribution system is the proper functioning of the protective relays and control schemes. EPS has the experience and expertise to recommend the appropriate equipment for your needs and perform a bundled service to bring your system up to date.

Circuit Breaker Retrofits & Refurbishments

Our combination of experienced technicians and a vast network of suppliers enables us to repair, refurbish, or retrofit just about any circuit breaker, even obsolete equipment with hard to find parts. With the capability of performing work either on site or in one of our PEARL certified facilities around the country, we have a solution to fit your requirements.