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Insulating Fluid
& Gas Services

Our Insulating Fluid
& Gas Services

As part of our full service offerings, EPS has mobile oil processing rigs, gas handling equipment, and an in house oil analysis lab to support your operation when things are critical and you need it most.

Insulating Fluid Handling

One of the most critical components of oil filled transformers and circuit breakers is the quality of the insulating fluid. EPS has a fleet of mobile oil handling units and technicians who have experience on a wide range of equipment and are ready to help make your project successful and maintain the long term health of your equipment.

Lab Analysis

EPS maintains an in-house oil analysis lab to support your operation when things are critical and you need it most. This allows us to preserve the continuity of our projects by performing all portions of a job with our own resources, rather than relying on outside companies. Our clients also count on us to support their regular maintenance oil analysis programs.

Insulating Gas Handling

Working with SF6 gas and other EPA regulated insulating gasses requires special equipment and extensive training to be performed safely. Leave it to the experts at EPS to handle all of your insulating gas handling services. We have the equipment and the experience to provide a safe and cost effective solution for all of your project needs.

Insulating Fluid Sampling

Performing insulating fluid sampling and analysis at regular intervals is critical to maintaining the overall health of electrical equipment and predicting failures. That’s why EPS offers on-site insulating fluid sampling as another value added service to all of our clients. Our skilled technicians are trained to perform sampling safely, regardless of the situation.